Assigned Boat Numbers for Fishing to End Hunger

Tournament entries are based on a first received, first entered basis to determine boat number and flight. Boat number will be assigned when payment is received. Be sure to register early to reserve your spot. This page will be updated daily with the most current boat numbers.

Boat NumberParticipant NameParticipant Name
1Matt MagnanDoug Erickson
2Alex EigenGracie Schutz
3Dan SteffenMitch Steffen
4Kevin KlimmekJeff Buxton
5Travis SorokieDoug Robinson
6Nick MiltimoreBruce Meinz
7Steve BradtAaron Bradt
8Colton KramerChad Christianson
9Thaddeus JohnsonNicholas Johnson
10Jason FreedToby Kvalevog
11Zachary HansenSteve Holzheimer
12Bob SteinhoffJames Haglin
13Chris PhilenBrady Philen
14Tom AnickCody Mann