As a participant in the Fishing To End Hunger Tournament, I understand that photos, video and digital images will be taken during the course of my participation, and I agree that the organizers, administrators, sponsors, news media and web sites may use these images for promotional or commercial purposes without royalties or prior consent and with my full permission.

Participant Agreement; Sporting Event:

As a participant in the Fishing To End Hunger Tournament, I understand this is a sporting event governed by rules. The tournament director shall act as the referee in all disputes, and his decision based on his interpretation of the rules will be final and without legal appeal.

Participant Agreement; Release of Liability:

I acknowledge I am voluntarily participating in the Fishing To End Hunger Tournament and am aware that this creates the risk of serious personal injury or death and loss or damage to personal property. In exchange for being accepted into the Fishing To End Hunger Tournament, I hereby release and discharge the tournament administrator, Fishing To End Hunger, Kids Against Hunger-Brainerd Lakes Area, Walleyedan, and Bar Harbor and their officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers and legal representatives from the liabilities and/or injuries, damages, or loss sustained by me. I expressly recognize that loss of property, injury or death could arise from: 1) the fishing and boating activities contemplated by the Event; 2) the fact that competition rules contemplate that participants will fish in boats belonging to other participants as well as their own boats; 3) the fact that the risks normally encountered in open-water fishing from a boat may be enhanced by the existence of competition.